Season 3, Episode 11
Keith Rosson + Antje Duvekot

Author Keith Rosson reads his story, "Forgive Me This," about a young man's journey home after learning that his father is in the hospital. As well as an author, Keith is a visual artist, and has produced album covers for Green Day and the Goo Goo Dolls. Keith talks about writing, and design and art work, and how his visual impairment informs his art.

Keith Rosson Jen Swanson

Photo by Jen Swanson

Songwriter Antje Duvekot plays her song "Lottery Ticket," written in response to Keith's story. Antje talks about her strained relationship with her father, and describes the inspiration for her "confessional" song. 

Antje Gregory Wostrel

Photo by Gregory Wostrel