Season 1, Episode 11
Patricia Lockwood + Sasha Dobson

Patricia Lockwood is a poet and the author of the bestselling memoir, Priestdaddy. Her poem, "Rape Joke," became a viral sensation – the Guardian says it "casually reawakened a generation's interest in poetry." She reads a chapter from Priestdaddy called "Hart and Hind" at a live performance at Joe's Pub in New York City.

Patricia Lockwood Author Photo (c) Grep Hoax

Photo by Grep Hoax

Songwriter, session musician, and multi-instrumentalist Sasha Dobson is a solo artist and is also a member of the band Puss n' Boots, with Norah Jones. She performs a song about her own father, inspired by Patricia's writing.

Todd Chalfant Photography-1 (1)

Photo by Todd Chalfant

For the live show with Sasha and Patricia I wrote a song called "Hart and Hind," which is featured on the album American Castles. (Patricia requested that the song be written from the perspective of a lustful deer, and that the recording feature a Hammond organ.)